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The Carl Martin Octaswitch, already a legend in the guitar effect switching world, is on it's third evolution since the original.  These all analog units have received rave reviews throughout the guitar world and awards from companies like Premier Guitar.  The fourth version, named 'The Strip' is the smallest and most advanced, taking all the technology used in the first three and adding some amazing features that make the 'Octaswitch The Strip' the most versatile and simplest all-analog switching pedal on the market!

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Sporting the potent combination of PlexiTone and modified silicon Treble Booster, the PlexiRanger can deliver a boatload of great tones. The Boost side alone may be enough for many when you consider it's a clean OR Treble Boost with two stages of low-cut filtering on hand. But when you couple it with Carl Martin's time-proven PlexiTone distortion/overdrive, you've got a winning combo that begs you to get out on stage and rock. I was always a big fan of the original PlexiTone and I love a good Treble Booster, so the teaming of the two was obvious from my point of view. If you're a fan of classic rock tones I think you'll love the PlexiRanger.