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With classic guitar tone disappearing down the road of digital modeling amps and effects, Carl Martin is proud to introduce the Quattro….four of the most popular Carl Martin effects in one package.
The Quattro begins with Carl Martin’s award winning Compressor/Limiter circuit with single controls for compression and level. The Two-Channel Overdrive has switches for on-off, and for selecting between the crunch and high-gain stages, and controls for tone and level. In classic fashion, the Vintage Chorus has a speed and a depth control. Finally, the vintage style Echo has controls for level, tone, repeat and tap-tempo, as well as an on-off switch. No hard to read screens, no menus to scroll through, just set-up and play. There is no simpler multi-effect on the market! There is also an effects loop built in between the overdrive and chorus effects for that special drive or fuzz pedal that is part of your sound.
You also get that famous Carl Martin build quality, ultra quiet switching, a high quality on-board regulated +/-12V power supply which allows us to use the finest components allowing the greatest amount of headroom, and low output impedance which leaves your amp sounding exactly like your amp.
Carl Martin, maximizing transparency, flexibility, simplicity and quality in one package…The Quattro.

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Price EU incl. VAT                   579.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $699.00


Just ran it though band practice last night.It’s not often something works so easily and so well the first time out.
These effects sound amazing.
This is a fantastic pedal. Its replacing my whole pedal board!
Great job!
Mark Micciulla

Just to let you know that I bought a Quattro a few years ago and it is now my standard equipment on stage now. I can’t live without it.
The Quattro is a brilliant concept expertly conceived and very well manufactured. (I have the early version with the Tremolo and use a Chorus Pedal via the send/return loop)
It is easy to use and had been totally reliable – I am a major fan of the Quattro.
I thought I’d drop you a line to say “Thank you guys!”
Kind regards and best wishes Ken Morton
Guitarist and Guitar Builder

The Quattro answers a need for a simple-yet-highly-versatile quality effects package for pro-minded players.
Besides being compact and rugged, the Quattro has a very impressive resistance to noise, and the effects all perform brilliantly.
No fuss, no worries. One box with some great effects. Boy, have we been waiting for this!

I do not often run into customer service as good as yours. A couple of years ago my Carl Martin ChorusxII stopped working. I had bought this pedal in the late 1990’s. I contacted you and was asked to send it in (I live in Owensboro, KY USA). I did, and in an amazingly short time received the pedal back in perfect working order. Since then I have highly praised your products and company. I have not played with anyone who has not picked up on the quality of your pedals and many went out and purchased their own. This week I added the Quattro to my other Carl Martin pedals. I ran it into a Fender Twin and….WOW, another winner. The Rock Bug will be next. I do not make a habit of writing companies. However, the excellence you build into each item and your great customer service moved me to share this. Good Job, and
Thanks. Paul Embry

Just wanted to post a rave review on the Quattro pedal which I bought last week. For live performance it’s simply unbeatable, and I’ve put away my entire pedalboard. I play an ’86 PRS Custom 24, a Gibson EDS1275 double neck, and a Strat into a ’96 Fender Vibro King in a cover band, and the Quattro gives me everything I need – from a broad range of gain and boost for the six strings, to a dead-on rendition of “If I Needed Someone” using the twelve string with the Chorus, to ultimate surf sounds combining the Echo with the reverb in the Vibro King. The Quattro is an absolutely great product. It’s simple to use, built beautifully, and sounds terrific. Thanks for simplifying my life, and I recommend this product without reservation.
Mike Thomas

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