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Acoustic GiG

With the Carl Martin Quattro being so popular throughout the years, Carl thought to himself, “I could really use that same sort of high quality, straight forward, simple to use package for my acoustics as well”.

Quick Description:
The Acoustic GiG begins with Carl Martin’s award winning Compressor/Limiter circuit.
Individual controls for compression and level allow for simple and easy operation.

Next, is the well known and highly respected Vintage Style Echo with controls for level, tone, repeat and tap-tempo, plus the ‘Dotted 8th Note’ switch for the most beautiful musical echo.

The Reverb is a new Analogue/Digital Hybrid, tailored after the vintage-style spring reverbs so suitable for guitar. A beautiful, shimmering, yet warm reverb with the added bonus of becoming a more modulation/chorus/reverb texture at higher settings.

The Boost simply allows you to cut though the mix with a crystal clean volume increase of up to 15dB for your solos. No change in your tone, and no increased ‘quackiness’ from your piezo pickups!

To gain maximum EQ shaping, we found it necessary to include a high quality semi parametric EQ. We incorporated this section directly from Carl Martin’s famous 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp which allows for the specific shaping of tone from your guitar and pickup.

To avoid potential feedback, practice has show the use of a phase inverter circuitry to be very efficient… so of course the Acoustic GiG has a Phase Shift switch.

To complete the Acoustic GiG, we have incorporated a tuner and a overall mute switch.

On the back panel are all the needed connections,1/4” input, unbalanced ¼” output, high quality balanced XLR out with ground lift, an insert section placed right after the boost and before the EQ section, and 9V DC input with a direct DC output if you find the need for an extra pedal.

Buy the Carl Martin Acoustic Gig here

Price EU incl. VAT                   579.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $699.00


Guitar Acoustic Magazine (Germany) April 2020.

The Acoustic GiG is easy to use. It takes little time to shape and improve your sound. Besides the highly effective 3 Band EQ and the other high quality built-in effects, the unit comes with a lot of useful features, like an FX loop and a 9-12 Volts power supply for external effect pedals. The great overall built quality is beyond reproach and made to persist live on the road. (Germany) May 2020.

The Carl Martin Acoustic GiG Pedal turns out to be a robust and good sounding tool for any live purposes. The controls are clearly laid out and the connecting options are well-thought-out, making it very simple to handle. Well worth mentioning are the sophisticated EQ section and the balanced sounding Compressor.

Gitarre & Bass Magazine (Germany) June 2020.

The Acoustic GiG delivers highest audio quality, is of robust construction and has everything on board that you really need. The reverb sounds great, the compressor works unobtrusively, and the delay is very tasteful. All elements complement in a perfect way. (Germany)

With the Carl Martin Acoustic Gig, the Danish manufacturer raises the bar and offers an acoustic guitar multi-effect pedal of the upper class. An excellent processing with the currently best combination preamp / parametric 3-band sound control that is available in an acoustic guitar floor pedal makes the pedal a clear favourite when it comes to the professional reinforcement of an acoustic guitar.


When you cannot bring high quality acoustic amplifier to your gigs for transport or technical reasons, you should at least take a look at this pedal, it pays off!

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