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PlexiTone Single

The new `single channel` Carl Martin PlexiTone was designed in association with Pete Thorn, and is housed in a small pedal-board friendly housing with 3 knobs and 1 switch. Apart from Pete’s slight modifications that give this new pedal a tighter bottom-end and slightly softer high frequencies, it is exactly the same gain structure as the High Gain setting on the original Pro-Series PlexiTone….it just plays better with different amps.

The single Plexi also incorporates our new DC-DC converter circuitry, so the pedal can be powered by a regulated 9V Power Supply but will still operate on the same +-12V level as the original AC powered PlexiTone. This allows us to use the same high quality components which provide the same tone and headroom that make the CM Pro-Series stand out from the rest!

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Price EU incl. VAT                   149.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $199.00


Guitar Player (USA) February 2013

I could go on about how quiet it is, its dynamic response, how it cleans up like an amp when you roll back the guitar volume, etc.—but suffice to say that I was floored, and will be adding this little beauty to my collection.

From Musicians Friend Customer Reviews

What a GREAT Pedal! I purchased this pedal because I watched some of the youtube videos on this pedal and they ALL sounded GREAT! Nice job Carl Martin! This has to be one of the BEST sounding pedals I’ve ever heard (and I own about 20 different distortion/overdrive pedals). It feels very amp like and very natural.

From Musicians Friend Customer Reviews

Like having an extra Marshall amp, sounds like the real deal. Compared it to some expensive tube amps, hard to tell the difference. 5 Stars!

From Musicians Friend Customer Reviews

Amazing tone and fantastic versatility. Go from a low gain overdrive to insane Plexi on 11. Love this pedal. Will never leave my board.

From Rig-Talk

Ok, after having tried just about any marshall like pedal worth mentioning “allot at least, maybe not all.” I finally got the CM PT single today.. damn, I tried it up against some wamplers and other marshall in a box pedals in the store. This thing has that REAL haunting marshall midrange that resembles a good slammed 2203. The feel, the tone, the joy is just right there! I just played it through my Hiwatt and the clean channel of my Friedman 2203 and i’m just totally excited about this pedal! Most importantly is that it really works great in front of amps.. it’s tight, spongy and will basically just be an extra channel. I feel you need to you dial in a bit more bass on your amps tonestack to make it sound just correct, but thats about it! Awesome little pedal.
Personally “even though it’s different” for me the bogner red pedal did not have the tone quality of this little simple pedal.

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