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Have you ever wanted two distinctly different vintage ‘wah’ sounds at your feet?   Perhaps you wished for a brighter wah for rhythm work and a deeper, darker wah for leads; and the ability to switch back and forth quickly?  Well, Carl Martin has been busy creating your wish; the 2Wah.  This familiar looking, retro-styled pedal, has an all-metal casing with a non-slip foot pad.  It can be powered by 9v battery, but we always recommend using a regulated power supply (like the Carl Martin Big John Power Supply) for maximum headroom and effect. Input is on the right and output on the left (remember your Wah should be the first pedal in your chain), and the standard effect on-off by stepping on the front of the rocker to engage the true bypass on-off switch.  There are two three-way mode switches on the front of the 2Wah marked Low (red LED) and High (green LED).  These are connected to an on-off switch at the back of the pedal (step on back of rocker to engage this switch).  The three low and the three high settings are recreations of six of the most popular vintage wah sounds since the beginning of wah.  The Attack knob allows you to fine-tune exactly how you want the rocker to modulate your guitar signal. Six different wah sounds, from Hendrix to Trower to Earth Wind & Fire and beyond, all in one pedal. So why didn’t we call it the 6 Wah?  Well you would have to ask Carl……

Price EU incl. VAT                   199.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $220.00


From Harmony Central
I have an Epi Les Paul Goth with seymour duncans in it (the dave mustaine set) and play it through a Roland Cube 20x (at home) and a Orange Rockerverb 50W (studio). Needless to say, through the orange it sounds amazing (but pretty much anything will do) so I’ll review it using my roland (has a pretty decent clean sound).
I bought this comparing it to the boss pw-10 and the normal dunlop crybaby. The boss is very good and you can get some nice wahs out of there but it doesn’t feel too natural (anyway this is just an opinion). I tried this one and it was like wow….

From Harmony Central

1) Very quiet pedal in operation….no whooshing as on cheaper models, no hum.
2) Bypass mode may not be hard wired but it is sonically totally transparent and doesn’t do anything to your guitar’s tone….excellent.
3) Wah sounds are very good and there is a nice sweep to the pedal….quite a few different types of effect available and I found the two that suit me for lead and rhythm with no problems.
4) One of the best I’ve tried, not the cheapest and not the dearest but is of good quality with very good sounds.
Overall a very good pedal at an attractive price…doesn’t have the pedigree of some other makes but I’m always open to new initiatives and willing to give them a fair chance. Much better than Vox, Cry Baby etc….Budda is just an upmarket Cry Baby…the one I’d judge it against is the Fulltone….but that’s ??50 dearer and in my opinion not noticably better

GuitarPlayer (USA)
The 2Wah sports a heavy die-cast casing that roughly follows the Vox/ CryBaby template, with an extended fascia at the front to hold the extra controls. The treadle has a firm, medium-throw action, and the wah pot is rotated via a traditional gear-and-spindle mechanism. Input and output jacks and a center-negative adaptor socket are on the sides of the unit. Inside, the 2Wah’s printed circuit board carries an unbranded, can-shaped metal inductor.
Versatility is the name of the game here and there are a lot of wah tones to play with—some very close to vintage sounding. Carl Martin recommends using Low for lead and High for rhythm work, and there’s some sense in that, but I also found some eviscerating tones in the lower range of the High setting when driving a fuzz pedal. The Attack knob works well for fine-tuning the edge of each voice, though I found myself ultimately wanting just one outstanding voice that blended the best of the 2Wah’s Low settings (but without its overly muffled, full-heel-down sounds) with the best of its High settings. Also, the 2Wah exhibited the most RF interference of any pedal in the group. Overall though, the 2Wah is very flexible wah, and the hands-free switching between two voices for rhythm and lead is certainly a nifty concept.

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