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The Carl Martin TremO´vibe is an analog “two in one” effect pedal consisting of a tremolo and a real vibrato, both with independent sets of speed and depth controls.
The tremolo effect works like a change in volume. The vibrato, which works as a change in tone (pitch modulation), is carefully designed to imitate the sound of a real tube vibrato.
Featuring two switches, The “on” switch allows you to engage or bypass the unit. The “select” switch allows you to switch between Tremolo and Vibrato.
The Carl Martin TremO´vibe is an excellent choice for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, or any other electronic instrument, that requires the highest sonic clarity, maximum dynamic range and noise free performance.
The unit has a built in regulated power supply which enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom.

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Price EU incl. VAT                   249.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $329.00


Guitar & Bass (UK)
The TremO’vibe’s vibrato is natural and musical, while the tremolo has a pleasing shimmer with an almost singing quality. The Echotone sounds deep, rich and musical, and will provide instant gratification for analogue delay fans


Australian Guitar Magazine (AU)
The tremolo (volume variation) is nice and smooth and very sensitive to tweaking, and the vibrato (pitch modulation) has enough range to make even the straightest guitar line sound like a serious acid victim.

Recording Magazine (USA)
The TremO’vibe ducked so close to silence at its lowest level that it sounded like the effect you’d get from an old Würlitzer electric piano it sounded dynamite on keyboards.

I’d expected the pedal to sound good, but not quite this good! The warmth and smoothness of both effects is simply second to none, while the bypass function is quiet as a church mouse who’s just spotted Tiddles The Pulpit Killer on the prowl.

This is one cool doo-dad. Essentially two pedals in one, the TremO’Vibe from Carl Martin offers both Tremolo (change in volume) and Vibrato (change in pitch). Going one step further, you can select which mode you want, and of course, bypass the selected effect all together. Many bassists and keyboardists have turned to this pedal as well – a testament to the impressive transparent nature of the unit. I know what you are thinking: Ok, whats the catch? No catch. Each effect has its own depth and speed control, and there is also a built in regulated power supply (a nice touch). Super warm amp-like tone included.

The Carl Martin Trem O Vibe Effects Pedal for guitar is one of the best sounding pedals of its kind. This effect does not entangle itself in flashy moves or fancy abilities. It just provides bone chilling tone with exactly what is need to adjust accordingly. The Tremolo has two knobs. The Vibrato also has two knobs. Both section has knobs labeled exactly the same. Each has its own Depth and Speed. Depth is going to have final say as to how much your original signal is going to be consumed by the effect. For full forced Tremolo or Vibrato, you will probably prefer the Depth in excess of 8. Speed will allow you to change the pace at which the shaking sensation runs. For really slow, flamboyant chops in your guitar line, you will want speed to be dialed heavily counter clockwise. If you want quick cuts in your part, be enthralled by the captivating high speed settings of each.
If I were to make a single complaint about the Carl Martin effects, it would be the price. I don’t understand why a lot of their prices seem to be so high. I am not fully aware of the parts that make up a lot of these pedals. I just know they sound amazing. Even marked at $320, the Trem O Vibe is a pedal I will still buy. I do not like the price tag, but once you hear it, you are hooked! This tremolo pedal is stunning. You are sure to floor the crowd when you power in with this tremolo engaged!

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