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Route Box

As musicians, we sometimes have to supply ‘more’ gear, in order to adequately meet the demands of a show.  The Carl Martin Route Box helps simplify some of those situations. For instance, you might find yourself with two guitars, two amps and one pedal-board.  By plugging each guitar into each Instrument In, out to the pedal-board and then back from the pedal-board to the Input, and finally from Amp 1 & 2 Out to each of the amplifiers, you have full use of your pedal-board while using either Guitar 1 or 2 through Amp 1 or 2…..genius!

Price EU incl. VAT                   139.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $194.00


This pedal lets me use my acoustic and electric through the same pedal board. I was playing through two different amps but now I play through a Rivera Sedona and use the pedal to switch between imputs. Great pedal. It does just what it says and well!
Rock Solid

I’m very satisfied and I would recommend the Double A/B Route Box to anyone. Just remember; you spend more, you get more. It’s easy to use and has a 9V AC jack which works nicely with any PEDAL BRICK Multi-pedal power supply. The only bad thing I can say is the switches are a little close together so I sometimes hit both switches on accident. This is also a feature however because in some of the music I play I want delay on in one of the amps and delay off in the other amp immediately so I can do that with one step by hitting both switches simultaneously.
I use mine a little different than the intended purpose in the description. I do use the amp a/b outputs as intended to switch between 2 amps, but instead of using the instrument a/b channels for different guitars, I use it to either bypass or acitvate my DD-6 delay pedal, which I keep on Tap Tempo mode. It becomes an on/off switch which I hooked up using a Y cable. I rate it 10 because it does work nicely for the way I use it and as the other reviewer said, the different colored LED indicators for each a/b channel are indeed a nice touch.
I used to used a Morley a/b to switch my delay on/off but it soon became apparent that I needed something better because there was an annoying pop when I turned the delay on/off. This pedal solved the problem, and with the other a/b channel routing to 2 different amps, I have yet to hear any kind of ground loop hum or other noises. I pretty much expected perfection from Carl Martin even before the purchase and so far that is what I have. This pedal is built very solid, I’m sure it will be on my pedalboard for years to come.
A little expensive for what it does…but I don’t regret buying Carl Martin. I also have a CM Plexi-tone boost/OD/Distortion pedal and it is fantastic. Both of my CM pedals are the most expensive pedals on my board but they sound great and I can rely on them not to crap-out.

Just received the Carl Martin Route Box from Musician’s Friend – very prompt delivery. I play a Les Paul with a Marshall and a B-Band-equipped Martin acoustic with a Fender Acoustasonic in a blues band. I wanted to streamline my pedal board so one Boss TU-2 tuner could service both axes, and simplify mid-set guitar/amp swaps. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it all work until I discovered this pedal, which seemed custom-designed for my needs. The only online review I could find complained that the unit arrived with one channel malfunctioning, but I know Carl Martin makes very high quality gear so I went ahead and ordered with my fingers crossed. There was no need to worry – my unit works perfectly – just as advertised. It’s built like a tank, is extremely quiet, doesn’t affect my tone at all, and switches silently between guitars and amps. The different color LEDs for the two different channels is a nice touch. My only complaint is the slightly high price for the unit, but I would rather pay a little more for a solid, reliable piece of gear than save a few bucks and wind up with a paperweight. I am very satisfied with this unit.

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