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Purple Moon

Carl regularly spends some of his spare time listening to his old records from the 60’s and 70’s.  More often than not, he will find a record or artist that will inspire him to create a new pedal. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 records or artists to fully develop an idea!  Now, think back to Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies, Robin Trower’s  Bridge of Sighs, or almost anything by David Gilmour, and then open your creative mind to the Purple Moon!  It has taken a couple years on the bench for Carl to be satisfied because it has been developed with very creative guitarists in mind.  The Purple Moon is the only True Bypass, all analog, Vibe with Fuzz, and it is your ticket to recreating the same classic guitar sounds  that inspired Carl. Like the rest of the pedals in the Vintage Series, the Purple Moon features a die-cast case with it’s own special colour, mini knobs for ease of use, high quality switching, bright visible LED’s (we recommend using a quality regulated power supply for maximum response).

Buy the Carl Martin Purple Moon now!

Price EU incl. VAT                   129.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $149.00


Harmony Central (US)
This is an ambitious, and challenging pedal for a manufacturer to have taken on since it packs so much – essentially two pedals – into one reasonably compact unit, and connects them in such an unconventional way. Unfortunately, it does suffer a bit because of that smaller footprint in terms of the slightly cramped controls and the lack of space for separate switches for the fuzz and vibe, but the ability to switch between two vibe speed settings is something that is extremely handy, and is a feature that not a lot of other vibe pedals offer. That, plus the excellent sound quality make the Purple Moon a worthwhile purchase as a dedicated vibe pedal – consider the fuzz a very cool bonus if you wish. For others, the combination of vibe and fuzz will give them exactly the kind of vintage flavored tones they seek. The silicon fuzz is also a winner, with its thick, saturated sustain, but the knob placement and type, along with the Purple Moon’s switching configuration make it much harder to use it independently of the vibe. Still, it’s the interaction between the two effects that offers the most promise for creative guitarists, and the top-rate tone quality and range of adjustability will no doubt keep many players happily entertained dialing up interesting sounds for hours on end. It’s a fun pedal, with a lot of cool tones and an unusual design approach that yields interesting results that sound fantastic. Give it a try if you have the opportunity!


Australian Music Magazine.
Starting with the fuzz turned all the way down, the most immediately apparent thing about the Purple Moon is the way your dynamic range is maintained despite the vibrato. Usually this type of effect can obscure some of the details in your playing but that’s certainly not the case here. There’s plenty of space round your notes, and you can dial in a subtle shimmer at low depth settings or a deep, swooshing Pink Floyd-esque tone with a more extreme setting. Bring on the fuzz at low gain and you’ll get some great edge and punch, allowing you to play harder-edged styles then the moody arpeggios that the fuzzless settings seem to encourage. Twist the fuzz gain all the way up and you’ll get a great thick lead tone which is great for those Hendrix-inspired space-blues licks. If you turn the vibe level all the way up you’ll get simultaneous fuzz and clean tones, but there are some truly beautiful sounds lurking in the “in-between” settings where you have a little bit of clean and a lot of dirt or vice versa.

This isn’t a pedal for those who need the ultimate fuzz with the occasional vibrato effect. Rather it’s one for players who need the ultimate vibrato effect married to the perfect vibe- friendly fuzz. It’s really easy to use – in fact the only thing that’s difficult about this pedal is trying to get a bad sound out of it.

Premier Guitar (US)
Carl Martin has absolutely nailed the Uni-vibe sound, delivering all the blubbery goodness you’d expect. The fuzz is fantastic. It’s crispy, with the correct quantity of sizzle—which is to say, ungodly amounts.

There is a lot of vibe control here, and when the fuzz is engaged the paint-peeling lysergia rating on this thing is a solid 10.

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