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The Carl Martin PlexiTone, is as the name might indicate an unusual high gain three step rocket of an overdrive.
The PlexiTone offers two step overdrive, the crunch channel and the high gain channel, on top of that it gives you an up to 20dB clean boost channel.
The crunch channel goes from subtle overdrive to hard rock gain stage, the high gain channel goes from rock gain stages to absolutely meltdown, with loads of gain and low end, and all in a tone that brings the memory back to the early 80’s high gain guitar hero’s.

Plexitone uses 9 V DC (regulated), 80 mA minimum, 2.1 mm female plug, center negative (-) Power supply (Not included).

PLEASE NOTICE: It’s not possible to use battery.

ATTENTION: Please Use DC Power Supply Only! Failure to do so may damage the unit and void the warranty.

Buy the Carl Martin PlexiTone now!

Price EU incl. VAT                   235.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $265.00


This is what Greg Howe say about the PlexiTone
“This Carl Martin Plexi Tone overdrive pedal is literally blowing my mind. I’ve been putting it in front of the clean channel of various amps and in front of non-master volume amps, and I can pretty much get any tone I’m looking for out of it 😮
I’ve had this pedal for months now thinking it was going to be similar to other high end pedals that I have, but recently I broke it out and it’s different in the sense that its not designated to a specific tonal characteristic. It’s extremely versatile and doesn’t do only one thing well. It does everything from subtle boost to tight crunch to massive gain, but somehow remains more focused yet warm than normal even at high gain. If you have an amp with a great clean channel, but your not crazy about distortion, I’m fairly confident this pedal would remedy that dilemma.”

Australian Musician Magazine (Australia)
This pedal has loads of gain and bottom end, and it all sounds so ‘Marshall’ like. On top of that, there is the boost channel which can add a further 20db of boost on top of that, more than enough to kick any sluggish valve amp into action.
What I really liked is how the tone stays true Marshall, even by adding loads of gain; you can dial back the tone a touch without losing and clarity at all.
In general, I loved playing with this pedal and could easily see one working its way into my arsenal of effects. Just the simplicity of getting a great tone without any stress and the solidness of the whole thing make this pedal very attractive to any guitar player. It would be one of those pedals you could have in your gig bag for many years.
Experience the new standard and let the PlexiTone take you to the stratosphere of high gain. Check one out now!

We were greeted by nice high gain that was very clear and natural with plenty of low end. We were also able to dial back the gain to a slight, natural break-up. Dialing back the tone tame the highs, the pedal never lost clarity – note separation was always incredible, like plugging straight into an old Marshall plexi.
As we pushed the crunch, we got more gain without loosing the pedals natural tone. We then hit the select switch to get even more gain, and the tone always stuck with us – low-end does not go away.
Switching on the boost gave a dramatic bump up in headroom.
The Stratocaster sounded completely like it self, as did the Esquire, with tons of smooth clear gain you’d expect from a plexi Marshall

An overdrive pedal with five levels of drive is quite a luxury in itself, but it’s a real delight when all the sounds are so rich and meaty.
We’re not sure whether Carl Martin intended to create a direct Marshall tribute here (apart from the name, of course) but there’s definitely a Marchall’esque quality to many of the sounds. Combined with a generous twist of the tone knob, high settings on the crunch channel can sound quite like a JCM 800.
Far less subtlety and tonal range is available from the high gain channel, but that’s not a problem. This is where you can find that wonderfully spongy distortion typical of a valve amp set to near-meltdown level. The response is very smooth, with the natural compression or “sag” typical of real valve amps.

Hello Soren, I e-mailed you about a week or so ago, asked you about the plexitone through my JMP1 & Boogie preamp etc.Well, I bought your unit, but only after buying the Radial Plexitube, which I promptly returned. I have been playing live for over 30 years,so, I’m no kid.This is the first time I have ever contacted a manufacturer to congratulate on a job well done, and I mean never ever before. I am extremely happy with this purchase. The Plexitone is an incredible unit. You have met & exceeded my expectations. I don’t how you did it, but I am glad you did. I was going to buy a Ecstacy,but this pedal through my Boogie preamp has made that purchase a no go. Incredible product folks. The boost is a real nice feature. Set my amp dead clean, brought the boost pot up until the preamp started getting gritty, then backed off until clean again. I leave it on all the time , makes my amp sing even when clean. I get my lead boost at a different point. Once again,This is the best Plexi type pedal I have ever heard, bar none.I am telling my friends,buy a Plexitone, they are incredible. Thanks so much for producing this unit, it leaves me speechless. (nearly) Jimmie in Kentucky

Hello again.
I have received my PlexiTone and it is everything I hoped it would be, and then some! The crunch channel by itself has more than enough gain for my needs, and the lead channel is just insane. The boost feature finally gets my solos heard.
The most amazing thing is the true amp tone this solid state box delivers!
I used it at rehearsal and immediately reconfigured my entire pedalboard.
I’m tempted to ditch my Boss chorus and delay and replace them with your pedals, as I am very impressed by the build quality.
Thanks from a very satisfied customer
Joost Vlasschaert

Hi I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my PlexiTone pedal. Over the years I’ve spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, on distortion pedals. But none of them can compare to the PlexiTone. Whoever designed that pedal is a genius. I finally have the tone I’ve been chasing for years. From now on all my future pedals will be Carl martin. Keep up the exceptional work. It’s much appreciated.
Anthony Persia

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