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The Carl Martin Paraloop helps to bridge the gap between digital effects and analog signals.  When using digital multi-effects through amplifiers with only serial fx-loops, using the Paraloop will allow you to adjust the amount of digital fx signal or the amount of analog signal you prefer (with the Wet/Dry Control Knob), or with a Bypass switch to take the entire digital effects unit out of the loop.  Allowing a certain percentage of analog signal to remain under your digitally affected signal, creates a fuller, richer tone….just ask Carl!

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Price EU incl. VAT                   139.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $194.00


Brett Garsed Australian Pro Axe Man
Just got the Paraloop and to say it’s amazing would be an understatement! I’ve tried a few pedals like this and the Carl Martin just blows the all away so thank you so much for making such incredible gear. It really makes my life so much simpler!

The Carl Martin Paraloop Effects Pedal for guitar will help push the strength of my natural signal forward. Instead of getting forced into being timid and shy while multi effects boards are engaged, now I can play with my natural tone making an equivalent appearance in my tonal display. The pedal works really nicely. It has four slots for Send, Return, Input and Output. This way you can run into the pedal, then to your effects pedal. Come back to the pedal and go through Input. After this you will exit with output and continue to your chain or run to your guitar. There is a single knob that is able to control your mix. By forwarding to the right, you can have a nice wet signal that offers a majority of the processor. By turning counter clockwise, you will be incorporating more of your original, dry signal into the combo.
This tool from Carl Martin is insanely helpful. This will help you from steaming every time you lost guitar tone engaging one of those effects packages. Have total control over those blazing effects. If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, it’s time to stop letting electrical wild card flare-ups dictate how people perceive you as a musician. Find these for just under $200!

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