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Noise Terminator

The CARL MARTIN Noise Terminator is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to preserve the original tonal characteristics while removing unwanted noise that occurs when multiple effects are used. 
The CARL MARTIN Noise Terminator surpasses the performance of conventional noise gates by allowing the player to switch between two threshold settings: Soft - with less noisy equipment: Hard - when more radical settings are required. 
The remote jack allows you to connect the Noise Terminator to an external midi switching system, which allows the player to go between the soft and hard settings with ease.

The CARL MARTIN Noise Terminator features an AC adapter jack.

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Price EU incl. VAT                   139.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $166.00



The Noise Terminator worked extremely well, and without altering the original tone characteristic of your setup.


Carl Martin’s Noise Terminator is a precision Gate that allows you to customize the degree of noise to be removed from a signal; that humming, hissing or crackling that messes with a great tone. A small amount of noise is forgivable in a live setting, which likely will go unnoticed unless the entire band and audience is absolutely quiet, but is an annoyance in studio recording conditions. The Noise Terminator allows two levels of artifact control, with a Soft Gate for very minor sounds and a Hard Gate for those high-gain and noisy fuzz pedal situations. For $165 USD the Noise Terminator is a fair price, considering you can switch between two Gate levels, which means keeping your signal quiet while playing clean or with some crunch and then stepping on the footswitch to engage greater line silence during more intense and higher-gain moments. As well, being able to activate the unit via MIDI with its Remote Jack, that you don’t hear any clicking noise from the footswitch and that it doesn’t mess with your original tone are definite features that make the Noise Terminator worth investigating.

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