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Hot Drive'n Boost MK3

The anniversary Hot Drive’n Boost MK3, featuring a complete new overdrive design that gives a even more authentic “tube” simulating overdrive than the original HDB, which is know to be one of the best.
The new HDB MK3 sound like a tweaked up quality tube amp, and on contrary nearly every other overdrive pedal does it not change the original tone, has no midrange pronouncement, no low end cut of, no high end cut of, all that gives a tone of a clear brilliant tube drive of it’s own.
With the BOOST feature the Hot Drive’n Boost MK3 is a “TWO IN ONE” pedal. That allows you to get that extra “kick” (up to 20db) for solos to really stand out.
The Hot Drive’n Boost MK3 has a built in regulated (+-12V) power supply. This enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom.
The low output impedance insures a lo noise connection, and gives improved working conditions for the guitar amp.

Price EU incl. VAT                   199.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $229.00


This has to be amongst the very best overdrive pedals we’ve tried and, though either a wholly clean, slightly crunchy or cooking amp, it authenticity replicates the tone and, most importantly, feel of a driving valve amp. Soulful blues, rock and all points between react beautifully to the pedal, and the boost option gives you huge headroom too.
It doesn’t really do extreme metal or rock tones – use your amp drive to really wind up the wick – but for everyone else, this is a versatile overdrive/boost you have to try.

In Drive mode, I was stoked with the range afforded by the Gain knob, which provided everything from subtle splashes of dirt to complete molten meltdown.
The sound remained smooth and musical no matter how much distortion was piled on, and dynamically sensitive to my picking attack and guitar’s volume.

What makes the Hot Drive’n Boost MK3 so good is it’s versatility and the ability to incorporate the pedal into you’re existing set-up. The pedal has been designed with the amp in mind, it does not change your existing tone, it compliment it. The distortion is beautifully transparent and the different variations achieved through using the MK3 can really add new dimensions to you’re tone.
Basically, the Hot Drive’n Boost gives you the opportunity to go to ‘eleven’.
For a distortion pedal, this unit is one of the quietest I have heard. A full spectrum of distortion tones is achieved from slightly dirty blues tones to full on screaming sustained metal tones.
This is perhaps one of the better distortion pedals money can buy. The pedal even worked a treat when coupled with an acoustic guitar, and if it is milky, clear distortion that you require this is the pedal for you.

The company says that it will enhance any tube amp, and it sure looks like a survivor- it’s built like a small armoured car and has an integral power supply with captive mains lead.
Once I’d lived with it for an hour or so I really started enjoying using this Carl Martin, and it definitely seems to give you additional channels on your amp.
I was able to go from clean to rock mayhem or dirty to all-out warfare without any trouble at all. Drive always added subtle upper midrange body to the sound in a way I liked, while the Wave control contributed gentle upper end boost to give my sound a bit more edge and cut.

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