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The Carl Martin Headroom is the most simple to operate reverb pedal on the market…with a couple extras. This purely analogue ‘real spring’ reverb has two identical identical channels, each with tone and level controls to select the depth and tone of your reverb. This allows you to have a soft, small room reverb on Channel A and a much more dramatic and dark large-room reverb on Channel B (or vise versa) The two foot-controlled switches control which channel you are in, and whether you wish to bypass the effect completely. It is like having two separate reverbs in your amp!

Additional features on the Carl Martin Headroom include solid metal casing, cool vintage chicken head knobs, double mounted springs to minimize stage feedback, and remote jacks for Bypass and Channel Select (which allows you to place the effect in your rack or in the back of your amp to save real-estate on your pedal-board), as well as your input and output jacks. Of course you also get that famous Carl Martin quality that you have come to expect….at no extra charge. The Carl Martin Headroom runs on 9V DC, and as always, we recommend using a regulated power supply for optimum performance.

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Price EU incl. VAT                   279.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $280.00


Guitar Player (USA) February 2013
The HeadRoom’s wide-ranging Level controls are essentially linear, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of ’verb, from supersubtle
to dripping wet, and the Tone controls are similarly versatile, modifying the response of the reverb in addition to attenuating high
frequencies. The sound is a “short-pan”-type for obvious reasons, but nonetheless quite vibey and musical.


GUITARIST (UK) Dec.. 2011
HeadRoom, the latest from Carl Martin, is not excessively large, being about the size of two Big Muffs side-by-side. What’s more, it can run off a PP3 or a standard 9V adaptor, saving even further on pedalboard space. A single input and output unit, the HeadRoom helpfully offers two reverb depths (A and B), each with their own chickenhead knobs controlling tone and level. Two nicely spaced footswitches take care of all the action – one to bypass the unit and the other to switch between sounds A and B. Alternatively, if you want to put the pedal somewhere safe, you also get the facility to add remote footswitches to take over the switching duties. The level knob takes you from a totally dry sound through to a deep surf twang and all points in between, while turning the tone knob clockwise adds in top end for more brash, splash or trash, depending on your perspective. This is quality reverb that functions as an organic part of the overall guitar sound rather than something just tacked on, and with two ‘presets’ always on tap you can swiftly transition from an ambient aura to something that’s a deliberate ‘effect’.
Sound-wise it’s the real deal, and if you don’t mind it taking up the space of two or three conventionally sized pedals on your ‘board then the HeadRoom is an ideal way to add real spring reverb to your rig


Greg Shepherd
The most audiophile quality reverb I’ve heard. The reverb retains the musicality, there’s no unwanted noise, and it takes more than the usual foot-pedal-stomp to hear the springs – so there’s still the option to sound thunderous, but I don’t like to kick mine it’s too nice.”

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