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Custom Shop Bass 200

Boutique Bass amplifier designed to get the best performance in a wide range of sounds: Tight and fast low end, improved midrange and sweet & clean high end. Tone guaranteed!

The Carl Martin Custom Shop 200 features:
Circuit: Point-to-point hand wired using top quality components. Classic design. 100% tubes.
Potentiometers: ALPHA 24mm
Signal Capacitors: TAD Mustard (Mullard style)
Electrolytic Capacitors: TAD Gold Cap Series
Output Transformer: Hammond 1650T (made in Canada)
Choke: USA Made
Power Transformer: Custom Made
Sockets: Ceramic
Output Power: 185W
AC Power: 400 watts
Fuses: AC230/50Hz: slow-blow 4A / 250V
Controls: 15dB attenuator Switch for active basses
Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Presence
Tubes: 1 x TAD E83CC Highgrade (V1)
2 x TAD ECC83-Cz (V2 and V3)
4 x TAD 6550A-STR (V4 to V7)
Chassis: iron 1,5 mm
Cabinet: constructed of pine plywood (sweet brightness) with a birch plywood baffle (improve resonance)
Cosmetics: Premium tolex, black leather handle, aged ivory chicken head knobs, black steel corners, premium logo & faceplate & rearplate.
Misc: Amp Size: 60 cm x 27 cm x 30 cm
Package Size: 69 cm x 32 cm x 37 cm
Amp Weight: 20 Kg

When you order your Custom Shop 200 or Cabinets you can freely make your own combination of a number of different Tolex and Grill Cloth, together with either Black or Cream chickenhead knob’s and White or Gold piping.

Design your own personnel Amp.

Select from the various tolex & grills available below.

Price EU incl. VAT                   2016.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $1875.00

Tolex Available

Black Levant

Basket Weave Black

Elephant Black





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