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Buff de Luxe

Multiple effects, True-Bypass Switching and large stages (with long cable runs) are some of your tone’s greatest enemies….yes pedal-boards with all their advantages can become tone-thiefs!  Long cable runs and multiple pedals using True-Bypass switching, tend to ‘muddy’ our sound and reduce the higher frequencies that help define our sound.  Even wah pedals on their own can also be suspected of stealing certain frequencies from your tone.  By plugging your guitar into Buff de Luxe (1) and out to your pedals, then from your pedals back into Buff Deluxe (2) and out to your amp, you can protect your tone.  The results are stunning with your guitar coming back to life as if there was nothing between it and the amp.  There is also a Mute switch which directs your signal to the Tuner Out….this allows us to remove even the tuner from the signal chain and mute the guitar for silent tuning.

Buy the Carl Martin Buff de Luxe now!

Price EU incl. VAT                   139.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $194.00


Riffi Magazine (Finland) Mar. 2020

"Therefore a buffer"


#Buff de Luxe does exactly what is promised

#It does not alter the original sound

# It seems to have stronger impact with single coils, especially vintage types. With such pick-ups the advantages were huge — no turning back to play without a buffer. With strong and dark sounding humbuckers there was not that much of a difference.

With the Buff de Luxe I was able to solve a long time problem. I do not play on large stages so the cable lengths are not a real drag for me in that context. But I do like to play in the control room and keep my amp in the studio room. The cable length is easily stretched till 30 plus meters and there are few XLR-wall boxes on a signal path as well.

Using a some kind of a pre-amp in the control room helps but then the sound of the pre-amp is always there as well.

With Buff de Luxe I could play as I normally would: all effects could be placed on control room floor and tweaked easily.

And when bypassed, the pedals nor the long cabling did not do any harm.

The buffer maintained the dynamic playing feel as it should, plus preserved a clear and pure sound all the way to the amp.

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