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The Bass Chorus is the first in Carl Martin’s new line of bass effects. Although similar in function to the older Chorus XII, it is housed in the new wider/lower metal housing with ‘chicken-head knobs’ for adjustment. Of course, the quality remains the same, and the new housing also encloses the regulated +/-12V power supply for maximum headroom and clarity.
So why design a special chorus just for bass? Most chorus effects in the marketplace are designed for guitar use and therefore are mid-range heavy. The Bass Chorus has been extensively fine-tuned so that the full effect of the chorus is evident as far down as low B.
Like its’ predecessor, the Bass Chorus is a dual stereo effects pedal with independent sets of speed and depth controls. The ‘Select’ button allows you to use or bypass the effect and the ‘On’ button allows you to choose between your two chorus settings. There is an LED to show the effect is on, and each chorus has its’ own LED indicator which flashes at the speed setting. An added feature with the Bass Chorus is found when switching from a slow chorus to a faster chorus, the effect speeds up slowly for that ‘phat’ vintage Leslie effect!
The Bass Chorus is the only choice for bass artists when you compare features….. Carl Martin quality, simplicity, flexibility and transparency.

Get your Carl Martin Bass Chorus right here

Price EU incl. VAT                   249,00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $329.00


Who need the shimmering beauty of a studio-quality chorus pedal like the Carl Martin Bass Chorus? Well, as it turned out, I did-for one 8-bar, 14th fret bass intro to a ballad, I though it was wonderful, delicate and warm.
There are two choruses! I marvelled at the way the effect ramped up and down when I switched from one chorus and back again. I grinned when I realized that I hadn’t lost any of the Beyoncé booty of my B-E-A-D-tuned 4-string.
Besides slow ballads, upper-register chords sound great through the Carl Martin; tappers, soloists, and chord-proficient jazzers will love it’s soulful, Hammond B3-like organ tones.
Those of you who play with picks and don’t shy away from lead bass might find this makes your lines stand out in a whole new way. And everybody knows that Eighties musical aesthetics are making a comeback, so next time you’re ready to pull off a Peter Hook Bassline, plug in this pedal and give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed.

I have tried several chorus pedals, including Boss. I own a Boss and the Carl Martin and I have chosen to place the Carl Martin in my chain while the Boss is gathering dust. The Carl Martin is simple and effective, with clean sound and no significant loss or boost of any frequencies, the way a chorus pedal should be. But the main feature I like is the ability to switch between two settings. I use a fast rate for some parts of certain songs and a slow rate for others, so now I don’t need to fiddle with the knobs between songs. Good choice overall but does not run on batteries so consider if that works for you before buying.

This chorus pedal is exactly what I was looking for. I play an Ernie Ball 5-String and all the other chorus pedals I have tried couldn’t accommodate the low B. I’m very impressed by the construction and over all quality. The dual channel feature is extremely useful during live performances. This pedal has true bypass and doesn’t suck your bass tone. Chorus is one of the most important effects for bass and this pedal hits the mark.

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