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3 Band Parametric EQ

Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp has been specially developed for musicians who play ACOUSTIC GUITAR, VIOLIN, ACCORDION, DOUBLE BASS, etc.
These musicians often use combo amps and do not find the use of 19″ rack equipment very practical. Experience has shown us that these instruments often require a high quality EQ and balanced line driver. We have integrated those features into a handy stomp box format.
For maximum flexibility, we found it necessary to create a high quality 3 band semi-parametric EQ.
Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp works equally well for tweaking the sound of electric guitars, basses and other electronic instruments as well as for direct studio recordings.
The 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp has a built in regulated (+-12V) power supply which enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom.

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Price EU incl. VAT                   249.00 €

Price USA/Non EU                  $266.00


Guitar Player (USA)
I could imagine a studio player running almost everything through this pedal, sweetening or sharpening tones to suit the situation. And, with its transparent gain, this box is a great choice for anyone seeking a powerful, clean toned solo boost.

Guitarist Magazine (France)
This pedal offers a wide range of applications for Electric Guitar, Electric Bass
And Electro Acoustic Guitar. And even as an active DI box with it’s XLR output.
In any case the result is excellent.

Bassist (UK)
High performance, low-noise pedals which can be used live or in the studio are rare beasts, but that’s the case here. Pedals which work at this level of efficiency and are this well made, with this level of pedigree aren’t cheap, but in the same breath aren’t expensive either. If you appreciate paying for quality, the Carl Martins wont be found wanting.

Cordially, Jihef (france)
Your 3 band parametric + preamp is really excellent ! I use it since 2005 for my passive basses and fretless basses for my concert performances and my recording studio (compositions).
It reveals all frequencies of my customised basses in association with a wide range amp.
I play guitars and basses since 1975 and like sound engineer, I’m “handbook”.
Generally, I don’t like make commercial publicity ( I had masked the brand of my guitars and basses),
but this time, I desired to promote a product of quality able to sculpt my bass’ sounds as I wish it
and I made a web link on my myspace music with your page product specifications :
but I don’t wait nothing of you.

From Harmony Central
2 years a go I bought Evans Jazz Enclosure 150 custom made amp from USA. He was claimed as cleanest solid state amp, made for jazzers etc. it costed me a fortune to bring it here to Poland where I live. My first impression was great but after some time in high volume situation I felt like the amp was mudding some notes.
With heart on my shoulder like we in Poland say I have made my decision to sell this dull, muddy beauty. I said to myself, lets get queen of clear as someone stated – famous Roland Jazz Chorus 120. With this I cant go wrong, can I…. And again I plugged my every guitar and the same nightmare appeared. Sound covered with old jacket that?s what I thinking. So I came to the point, OBVIOUS FOR YOU PROBABLY, that it is a normal situation that is higher volume all amps tends to darker the tone and ad some mids due to specifics of nature of guitar pickups. I play over 10 years metal, rock but primarly jazz and wacky classic music-country horror but I havent noticed obvious truth. I though that is how it must be. AND I GOT CARL MARTIN BOX. AMAZING. Maybe I am sort of guy who sings loud cause one never played with equalizer but this one changed my life. My dream was to obtain those pristine tones of for instance Bill Frisell or woody Pat Martino grace. Of course, in home studio you can get almost that sound but in live situation it occurs very troubly. Those damn mids, that mud , you say BUY YOURSELF ACOUSTIC GUITAR,ok, I wanted clear, round, articulate sound and this box gave that!!!!!!!
I use Yamaha Sa2200 semiacoustic archtop guitar, Epiphone Emperor from 80-ies, Alhambra 9P nylon string guitar with onboard Fishman preamp along with Carl Martin Compressor, Boss TU-2, vintage Pro Co Rat and sometimes TC Electronic M300 signal processor, all with Planet Waves cables.
With that gear I can get any sound I want. ANY!!!!!!
There is some slight hiss but only in trebely and maximum frequency situations.
It is called preamp, well maybe it is one, maybe it kills yours amps sound, maybe, but one thing I am sure of, I found my sound with my dutch box. I pretend that this box translates the language of my amps to my liking. Evans sounds terrific, Roland JC is demolition monster now. My sound is not very organic as you would expect from jazzman or psychodelic musician, rather cold somehow, but I tweak it to my preferences, one likes chicken , other likes ducks. This box is a must for chicken and or ducks consumers………..
With distortion before it in signal chain Carl Martin rules!!! Sound possibilities are endless, from grind core, through sevendust new metal to Jeff Beck s cries.

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