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Soundclips Single Channel AC-Tone

Guys our good friend Alberto Barrero keep coming up with beautiful melodic tunes on his demo video's.

This one is the Single Channel AC-Tone and the Chorus XII



Guys a little treat for you from Alberto Barrero using the Single Channel AC-Tone & EchoTone.




A nice demo of the Single Channel AC-Tone. By Alberto Barrero.
A short demo of the Single Channel AC-Tone, by Alberto Barrero
By Eduardo Escobar - Carl Martin AC-TONE Single Channel (Lsl Guitars) Part2

By Eduardo Escobar - AC TONE Single Channel & (Suhr Guitars)

Demo Carl Martin AC-TONE Single Channe by Eduardo Escobar, with LsL Guitars, George Tube Amps and Evidence Audio Cables.
Part1: Country Style

Great James Mulvaney demo of the new Carl Martin AC tone single pedal.

James Mulvaney say:
Just got this Carl Martin single AC Tone earlier today.
Simply stunning sounding pedal
Thought Id try a few solo's from probably the most famous AC30 user of them all Brian May
The pedal does everything from early break up right up to saturated madness.
The gain is set a little over half way here with the cut at about 1.30 to add extra bite.
Blown away again, another fantastic product from Carl Martin

Here's another great demo by Harry Maes featuring the AC-Tone single channel pedal. Harry say This is a great sounding overdrive with a real AC signature. I really like the pedal and I enjoyed playing it in the demo. The intro track brought me back to when I was a little kid when Status Quo had their hit called Down Down. This is a good example of the typical AC tone you can get from this pedal. Other examples in this demo are Brian May (Queen) and U2. 
First episode of Anouck Andre's new section 'keep me in the loop' about gear demo.
Here is the new Carl Martin AC-Tone Pro series, a very versatile pedal offering some nice sounds!

The Burgerman take a quick look at the S/C PlexiTone & S/C AC-Tone, as always from Burgs a great demo, check it out.