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                         Single Channel PlexiTone

PlexiTone Crunch   

PlexiTone Rock

     PlexiTone Hard Rock

The new `single channel` Carl Martin PlexiTone was designed in association with Pete Thorn, and is housed in a small pedal-board friendly housing with 3 knobs and 1 switch.  Apart from Pete's slight modifications that  give this new pedal a tighter bottom-end and slightly softer high frequencies, it is exactly the same gain structure as the High Gain setting on the original Pro-Series PlexiTone....it just plays better with different amps.  The single Plexi also incorporates our new DC-DC converter circuitry, so the pedal can be powered by a regulated 9V Power Supply but will still operate on the same +-12V  level as the original AC powered PlexiTone.  This allows us to use the same high quality components which provide the same tone and headroom that make the CM Pro-Series stand out from the rest!



Guitar Player (USA) February 2013
I could go on about how quiet it is, its dynamic response,
how it cleans up like an amp when you roll back the guitar volume, etc.óbut suffice
to say that I was floored, and will be adding this little beauty to my collection.