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                           Rock Drive

The Carl Martin Rock Drive is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to emulate the sound of a hard driven tube amp, responsive to individual playing dynamics without altering the basic tone of the guitar.

The Attack (mid) and Edge (treble) controls give access to a variety of flavours within this type of distortion style, without compromising sonic quality.

The Carl Martin Rock Drive is capable of emulating tones from a smoking Twin to a beefed up JCM 800, without low-string mush or raspy highs.

The Carl Martin Rock Drive is true bypass and features an AC adapter jack.


GUITAR WORLD (USA) January 2000. Crunch Drive - Rock Drive
Heavy Drive
& Noise Terminator
The problem with many distortion pedals is their attitude. Most expect to be used as the main source of your gain-enhanced tone and show little respect for the characteristics of your amp. These Carl Martin pedals don't assume you want to transform your beloved, saggy AC30 into a spandex-ripping Triple Rectifier. Instead, they simply give you another slice of what you already like.

GUITARIST (UK) May 1999. Crunch Drive-Rock Drive & Heavy Drive
There's hardly anything to complain about with these pedals. The Danish designer these are created by Holm Malmquist - certainly knows a thing or two about tone and how to cram it into a little black boxes, so anyone looking to augment or upgrade their pedalboard would do well to take a look.

Guitar Magazine (UK) Nov. 1998. Rock Drive
This is one of the best overdrive units I've heard and a pleasure to play.