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When Carl Martin decided to create a baby-brother for his world famous Combinator, the details of simplifying an already simple effect controller made his head hurt.  So Carl enlisted the help of Thomas Guldmann, and the Octa-switch was born.  The concept is simple….take your eight favourite effects pedals, plug them into the eight individual loops (all true-bypass gold relays) on the Octa-switch, and then designate what effects you want connected to each of 8 banks via the worlds simplest and smallest DIP switches located over top of each of the eight bank switches.  Thomas chose DIP switches because they are just eight individual on-off switches in a tiny tiny package.  So if your effects are plugged into Loops 1-8, you simply turn the DIP switch ‘on’ for each of the effects you want in Bank 1, and then Bank 2 etc up to Bank 8.  You can use one or all of the effects in each bank, and once you have designated a bank, do us both a favour and cover the DIP with a bit of tape to ensure nothing happens to the DIP switch when you are not looking……like an errant hand, or a flood of beer.  The Octa-switch is mono-in and mono/stereo out, with a choice of a buffered signal or not.  The unit is powered by dual 9v batteries, or a regulated power supply like the Carl Martin Big John Power Supply, and is housed in an all metal case with heart-stopping (ok, well almost) graphics.  So, the same basic options found in the digitally controlled units the famous guys are using, at a fraction of the cost!  Carl’s head stopped hurting…..


Hi Soren Jongberg,

I received two days ago my new Octaswitch.
This product is fantastic, no tone sucking at all, no noise at all, very easy to use, excellent relation price quality, very nice design, etc, etc. I am very much satisfied by the first investment carried out in Carl Martin. Congratulations!!! Your team did an excellent work.
If you have interest I will be going to announce the Carl Martin Octaswitch on myspace:

www.myspace.com/joaonuno,  website, new cd sleeve, etc.

Best regards,

João Kendall

Premier Guitar (USA) Nov. 2008. Octa-switch
Being an effects junkie myself, I’ve always dreamed of a device like this, something that’s easy to use, sounds good and is affordable.
After a certain amount of conservative experimenting, I realized that I had a very versatile tool in front of me, capable of mixing and matching effects in ways that I’ve always been hesitant to try because it would be such a huge pain to duplicate live.
It was really a great feeling to be able to command such a unique, surprising tone with the stomp of a single switch. I can say with certainty that the Octaswitch could completely change the way that you think about your effects.

See complete review here!

Product: Carl Martin octaswitch
Price Paid: USD 340.00
Submitted 01/14/2008 at 08:59pm by Curt
Email: lingo4825 at comcast<dot>net

Ease of Use : 10

very easy to use and sounds great no tone loss what so ever!!!
my amp sound better than ever!!!!!!!!!!

Sound Quality : 10
running though a eric johnson strat with joe bardens pickups.
1)budda wah 2)boss tuner,
3)analogman king of tone 3)analogman sd1(frog)mod 4)another sd1(frog)for(lead boost),5)analogman dd6 hicutmod delay,6)boss super chorus and
then into a bad cat cubII non-reverb amp. all george l's cables
and powered by voodoo lab .............
very quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reliability : No Opinion
not sure yet played one gig so far and it sounded great.
only had it for one week.but built like a tank

Customer Support : 10
very good.
called about what kind of power to use and got a repsonse right

Overall Rating : 10
I've played for 30 plus years.
I play in 2 cover bands that cover a wide range of music.
rock,blues and funk!!!!!!
this is what I've been looking for!!!! finally I have no tone
sucking at all and I also have complete control of my pedals.
I've got 8 different sounds to choose from and can switch
between them with ease!!!!!!!!!! and also can have a couple of
lead boosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!