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                           Crush Zone


A vintage style, high-gain/distortion pedal using the same high quality components as its' Carl Martin cousins, the 'Crush Zone' provides everything from a slight edge to your tone, to mind-blowing distortion. Adjust the cool chicken-head knobs for level and distortion, and then refine your sound using the tone control. Crush Zone is housed in heavy die cast case with 9 volt battery compartment and heavy-duty bypass switching.


TUNES Magazine (Norway) Dec. 2006 Crush Zone
Crush Zone is a cheap/inexpensive stomp box, but it´s bang for the bucks! It´s been made to shake the very foundation you´re standing up on. It almost played by itself. In order to bring the house down, I turned both the Tone knob and the Distortion knob to 11. Heavy Metal Overdrive to blow your hair way behind your ears (distortion + 70db). Boys, this stomp box was meant to rock! World dominion is within reach!
The Crush Zone parked the other stomp boxes with similar price tags (none mentioned).

VINTAGE GUITAR (USA) MAY 2006 Vintage Series
The Crush Zone distortion pedal was last up and was more of a full blown high gain distortion pedal than an overdrive, with a definite midrange boost and aggressive overdrive. But it definitely excelled in the high gain category with plenty of available gain and a pleasantly crunchy distortion that wasn’t thin or brittle even with the Tele bridge pickup, just nice and crunchy.  The tone control was well voice allowing for several different flavored sounds from bright and spitty to dark and creamy smooth. 

Carl Martin Crushzone
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 03/17/2009 at 04:45pm by Mads Hennelund

Ease of Use : 10
Simple. Volume, Tone, distortion.

Sound Quality : 10
The sound is amazig! really really nice. The sonic value is to die for. i run it on a peavey 112 with a fender US strat or jazzmaster, and the sound is really great!
if you roll the tone knob to about 3 o'clock or above, the sound gets really high-end but still contains a smoothe and deep low-end.
but the distortion doesn't do much when it's above 12 o'clock, but still you can get various distortion-amounts tha all sound fantastic.

Reliability : No Opinion
Seems Okay

Customer Support : 9
Made in Denmark, which is very nice!

Overall Rating : 10
I've been playng for several years now, and this is one of the best distortion pedals I've come across!! I've compared it with the proco Rat2 and the crush zone beats it totally! it has an amazing sonic perfection and combination of high, mid and low-ends!!!!
I play Noise Rock and it is amazing for that. it's not very sustainy and solo-friendly in my opinion, but for chords it is to die for. IT IS SO BRILIANT!
Fantistic Value - yes!

Carl Martin Crushzone
Price Paid: ? 75
Submitted 08/12/2006 at 01:16pm by Hina

Ease of Use : 10
Normal layout, level, tone, distortion.
Hence easy to operate.

Sound Quality : 9
I bought it for its cool unique distortion, sounds like anything from a melting Marshall to a slightly breaking up one.
Gobs of gain, allthough it gets very compressed at the end of the dial, but that was fun as well.
I use it with my JMP 2203 with a 4x12 cab loaded with blackback celestions.
For the range of this dist, it is working with a pleasing level of very little noise, it does old Rat style dist and some more, cuts very well in the band without getting anemenic, a healthy amount of lowend for most.

Reliability : 10
Very solid made, diecast case, and a very cool black metallic colour.
Alpha pots and switch, looks very neat on the inside too.
Nifty little bat compartment, works like your average remotecontrol.

Customer Support : 9
Had no dealings, but they have a good rep so I am not worried.

Overall Rating : 10
Great unique shaped pedal, has a lot of range on the distortion, it is not for those who wants a subtle overly warm od like sound, it can do VH and classic Gilmour stuff, plus a whole lot of other acid fun stuff, screamed with my ringmodulator, totally oldstyle fun.
I have a few other nice distortions, this one is easily up there with a few others that costs alot more.
I hope that they will expand this series, it is a great concept!