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General Guidelines on the use of the Classic Flange:

Carl Martin is doing a groovy thing out there manů.  Introducing the Vintage Flanger; designed for those guitarists who desire this unique form of modulation.  The Vintage Flanger has four knobs to control Speed, Depth, Pre-delay and Feedback, plus a dual speed mode that is foot-switchable.  There are no rules with a Flanger, just plug this versatile modulation pedal in and play play play.  As with all the Vintage pedals, the Flanger comes in a solid, diecast housing with the cool CM graphics and chicken-head knobs.  It can be powered by 9v battery or a (recommended) regulated 9v power supply like the CM Big John.

The bypass switch, turn on/off the effect, the Classic Flange is not "true bypass" it has a high quality buffer circuitry.
The Green LED light up when the unit of activated.
The Classic Flange offers two settings of speed, fast/slow selected on the switch. The fast/slow setting share the same speed knob, therefore when changing the speed setting in fast mode, it will also change the speed in slow mode.

The Speed knob controls the how fast the sweep of the flanger should be, in fast mode it can go very fast, sound is reminiscent of a vibe/leslie.

At slowest the speed is very slow, provides a sweep that stretches very wide, good for alternate rhythm figures.

Fast on slow setting is close to slowest on fast setting, so the speed has two modes to operate over.
The Red LED flashes the speed setting in real time, so there is a visual indication on the speed chosen, this also flash in bypass mode.

The depth controls the amount of effect, it works closely together with the feedback, caution is needed at extreme settings, the unit will self oscillate when both controls are set close to maximum.

The Depth goes from subtle to extreme, and as mentioned earlier it works in tandem with the feedback control.

The pre-delay sets the short delay time in which the Flanger operates, set to the extreme left it is the shortest time available, and to the extreme right it is the longest time available. The Pre-Delay controls what frequencies the Flanger accentuates and attenuates, as it is a moving filter that sweeps up and down following the Speed control. In other words, it sets the flavor of the Flangers tone, from very swirly to rising and sinking curve, and everything in between.
The changes in flavor is rather small, yet still an important parameter to trim the flanging.This one is difficult to describe in words, play around with, and find you favorite

The feedback controls the amount of signal that gets send back through the sweepfilter, at low settings it gives a chorus like sound, increasing it will give it the more hollow ghostly sound, feeding some frequencies, and damping others, in other words it controls the amount of flanging needed for the effect, works closely with the Depth, can be set into a controlled oscillation where the speed can be manipulated for fast or slow oscillations,  acid stuff!


S/N ratio:
Input impedance:
Output impedance:
9V, Battery. A  9V Regulated external supply can be used with hot on the ring
1M Ohm
100 Ohm
170(W) 115(D) 70(H)